Township List

The list of places below has a relevant link to each of the 348 civil parishes as they existed in the 1890s. Each page contains a short summary of historical information about population, landownership, local economic history, places of worship, schools and other community institutions across the centuries, plus links to papers from the Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society - and other links to externals websites, maps and other resources

The data is based on the work of a large number of volunteer local historians, using a check-list of key sources. These have been edited for accuracy and consistency by Professor Angus J L Winchester.


Abbey Town - see Holme Abbey (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Above Derwent (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Above Town - see Dalton in Furness (Lancashire)

Allhallows (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Aikton (Cumberland Ward)

Ainstable (Leath Ward)

Aldingham (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Allithwaite Lower (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Allithwaite Upper (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Allonby (Allerdale Below)

Alston Moor (Leath Ward)

Ambleside (Kendal Ward)

Angerton (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Anthorn - see Bowness on Solway (Cumberland Ward)

Appleby (East Ward)

Applethwaite - see Windermere and Bowness (Kendal Ward)

Arlecdon (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Armathwaite - see Hesket in the Forest (Leath Ward)

Arnside (Kendal Ward)

Arthuret (Eskdale Ward)

Asby (East Ward)

Askerton (Eskdale Ward)

Askham (West Ward)

Askham in Furness - see Dalton in Furness (Lancashire)

Aspatria & Brayton (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)


Bailey - see Bewcastle (Eskdale Ward)

Baldwinholme - Great Orton (Cumberland Ward)

Bampton (West Ward)

Little Bampton - Kirkbampton (Cumberland Ward)

Barbon (Lonsdale Ward)

Bardsea - see Urswick (Lancashire)

Barrow in Furness (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Barton (West Ward)

Bassenthwaite (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Beaumont (Cumberland Ward)

Beckermet, St Bridget (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Beckermet, St John (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Beetham (Kendal Ward)

Bellbank (Eskdale Ward)

Berrier & Murrah (Leath Ward)

Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Bewcastle (Eskdale Ward)

Biggar - see Walney Island (Lancashire)

Biglands - see Aikton (Cumberland Ward)

Birkbeck Fells - see Orton (East Ward)

Birkby - see Muncaster (Allerdale Above Ward Derwent Ward)

Birker & Austhwaite (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Blackwell - see St Cuthbert Without (Cumberland Ward)

Blawith (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Blencogo (Cumberland Ward)

Blennerhassett and Kirkland (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Great Blencow - see Dacre (Leath Ward)

Little Blencow - see Greystoke (Leath Ward)

Blindbothel (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Blindcrake, Isel and Redmain (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Bolton - see Gosforth (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Boltons (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Bolton (West Ward)

Bolton with Adgarley - see Urswick (Lancashire)

Boonwood - see Gosforth (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Bootle (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Borrowdale (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Botcherby - see St Cuthbert Without (Cumberland Ward)

Bothel and Threapland (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Boustead Hill - see Burgh by Sands (Cumberland Ward)

Bowness on Solway (Cumberland Ward)

Bowscale (Leath Ward)

Brackenthwaite (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Braithwaite  - see Above Derwent (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Brampton (Eskdale Ward)

Branthwaite - see Dean (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Breconhill - see Arthuret (Eskdale Ward)

Bretherdale - see Orton (East Ward)

Bridekirk (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Brigham (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Brisco - see St Cuthbert Without (Cumberland Ward)

Brocklebank - see Westward  (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Bromfield (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Brougham (West Ward)

Brough Sowerby (East Ward)

Brough under Stainmore (East Ward)

Broughton (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Broughton East (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Broughton West / Broughton in Furness (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Great Broughton - see Broughton (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Little Broughon - see Broughton (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Brunstock - see Stanwix (Eskdale Ward)

Buckabank - see Dalston (Cumberland Ward)

Burgh by Sands (Cumberland Ward)

Burneside (Kendal Ward)

Burrells - see Hoff (East Ward)

Burtholme (Eskdale Ward)

Burton in Kendal (Lonsdale Ward)

Buttermere (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)


Caldbeck (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Calthwaite - see Hesket in the Forest (Leath Ward)

Camerton (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Carlatton (Eskdale Ward)

Cargo and Stainton - see Stanwix (Cumberland Ward)

Carleton  - see Drigg (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Carleton - see St Cuthbert Without (Cumberland Ward)

Carlisle (Cumberland Ward)

Cartmel (village) - see Lower Allithwaite (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Cartmel Fell (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Casterton (Lonsdale Ward)

Castle Carrock (Eskdale Ward)

Castle Sowerby (Leath Ward)

Catterlen (Leath Ward)

Chapel Sucken - see Millom Rural (Allerdale above Derwent)

Church Coniston (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Claife (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Cleator (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Cliburn (West Ward)

Clifton (West Ward)

Clifton, Great (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Clifton, Little (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Cockermouth (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Colby (East Ward)

Coledale - see Above Derwent (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Colton (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Corney (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Cotehill - see Wetheral (Cumberland Ward)

Crackenthorpe (East Ward)

Croglin (Leath Ward)

Crofton - see Thursby (Cumberland Ward)

Crook (Kendal Ward)

Crooks - see Hesket in the Forest (Leath Ward)

Crosby on Eden (Eskdale Ward)

Crosby Garrett (East Ward)

Crosby Ravensworth (West Ward)

Cross Canonby (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Crosthwaite with Lyth (Kendal Ward)

Culgaith (Leath Ward)

Cumdivock - see Dalston (Cumberland Ward)

Cummersdale (Cumberland Ward)

Cumrew (Eskdale Ward)

Cumwhitton (Eskdale Ward)


Dacre (Leath Ward)

Dalston (Cumberland Ward)

Dalton (Lonsdale Ward)

Dalton in Furness (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Dean (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Dearham (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Dendron - see Aldingham (Lancashire)

Dent (West Riding of Yorkshire)

Dillicar (Lonsdale Ward)

Distington (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Docker (Kendal Ward)

Dovenby (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Drigg (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Drumburgh - see Bowness on Solway (Cumberland Ward)

Drybeck - see Hoff (East Ward)

Dufton (East Ward)

Dundraw (Cumberland Ward)

Dunnerdale with Seathwaite (Lancashire North of the Sands)


Eaglesfield (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Edenhall (Leath Ward)

Egremont (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Egton cum Newland (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Ellenborough and Ewanrigg (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Embleton (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Ennerdale (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Eskdale and Wasdale (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Etterby - see Stanwix (Eskdale Ward)


Farlam (Eskdale Ward)

Farleton (Kendal Ward)

Fawcett Forest (Kendal Ward)

Fingland - see Bowness on Solway (Cumberland Ward)

Firbank (Lonsdale Ward)

Flimby (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Flookburgh - see Lower Holker (Lancashire)


Gaitsgill - see Dalston (Cumberland Ward)

Gamblesby (Leath Ward)

Gamelsby - see Aikton (Cumberland Ward)

Garrigill - see Alston Moor (Leath Ward)

Garsdale (West Riding of Yorkshire)

Geltsdale Forest (Eskdale Ward)

Gill - see Greystoke (Leath Ward)

Gleaston - see Aldingham (Lancashire)

Gilcrux (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Glassonby (Leath Ward)

Gosforth (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Grange over Sands (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Grasmere (Kendal Ward)

Grayrigg (Kendal Ward)

Great Corby - see Wetheral (Eskdale Ward)

Great Musgrave - see Musgrave (East Ward)

Great Orton (Cumberland Ward)

Great Salkeld (Leath Ward)

Greysouthen (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Greystoke (Leath Ward)

Grinsdale (Cumberland Ward)

Grizebeck - see Kirkby Ireleth (Lancashire)


Haile (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Harraby - see St Cuthbert Without (Cumberland Ward)

Harrington (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Hartley (East Ward)

Haverbrack (Kendal Ward)

Haverthwaite - see Upper Holker and Colton (Lancashire)

Hawcoat - see Barrow in Furness (Lancashire

Hawksdale - see Dalston (Cumberland Ward)

Hawkshead  - see Hawkshead and Monk Coniston with Skelwith

Hayton (Eskdale Ward)

Hayton and Mealo (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Heathwaite - see Kirkby Ireleth (Lancashire)

Helbeck (East Ward)

Helsington (Kendal Ward)

Helton - see Askham (West Ward)

Hensingham (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Hesket in the Forest (Leath Ward)

Hethersgill (Eskdale Ward)

Heversham (Kendal Ward)

Hincaster (Kendal Ward)

Hoff (East Ward)

Holker, Lower (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Holker, Upper (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Holme (Lonsdale Ward)

Holme Abbey (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Holme East Waver (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Holme Low (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward )

Holme St Cuthbert (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Houghton - see Stanwix (Eskdale Ward)

Hugill (Kendal Ward)

Hunsonby and Winskill (Leath Ward)

Hutton in the Forest (Leath Ward)

Hutton John (Leath Ward)

Hutton Roof (Leath Ward)

Hutton Roof(Lonsdale Ward)

Hutton Soil (Leath Ward)


Ireby, High (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Ireby, Low (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Irthington (Eskdale Ward)

Irton (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Isel Old Park (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Itonfield - see Hesket in the Forest (Leath Ward)

Ivegill - see Dalston (Cumberland Ward)


Johnby - see Greystoke (Leath Ward)


Kaber (East Ward)

Kendal (Kendal Ward)

Kentmere (Kendal Ward)

Keswick (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Killington (Lonsdale Ward)

Kingmoor (Eskdale Ward)

Kings Meaburn (West Ward)

Kingwater (Eskdale Ward)

Kirkandrews on Eden (Cumberland Ward)

Kirkandrews on Esk (Eskdale Ward)

Kirkandrews Nether Quarter (Eskdale Ward)

Kirkandrews Middle Quarter (Eskdale Ward)

Kirkandrews Moat Quarter (Eskdale Ward)

Kirkbampton (Cumberland Ward)

Kirkbride (Cumberland Ward)

Kirkby Ireleth (Lancashire)

Kirkby Lonsdale (Lonsdale Ward)

Kirkby Stephen (East Ward)

Kirkby Thore (East Ward)

Kirkland and Blencarn (Leath Ward)

Kirklinton Middle Quarter (Eskdale Ward)

Kirkoswald (Leath Ward)


Lambrigg (Kendal Ward)

Lamonby - see Skelton (Leath Ward)

Lamplugh (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Lanercost (ancient parish, Eskdale ward) - see Askerton, Burtholme, Kingwater, Waterhead

Langdale - see Orton (East Ward)

Langdales (Kendal Ward)

Langrigg and Mealrigg (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward )

Langwathby (Leath Ward)

Laversdale - see Irthington (Eskdale Ward)

Lazonby (Leath Ward)

Leece - see Aldingham (Lancashire)

Levens (Kendal Ward)

Lindale & Marton - see Dalton in Furness (Lancashire)

Linstock - see Stanwix (Eskdale Ward)

Little Musgrave - see Musgrave (East Ward)

Little Salkeld (Leath Ward)

Longburgh - see Burgh by Sands (Cumberland Ward)

Long Marton (East Ward)

Longsleddale (Kendal Ward)

Longtown - see Arthuret (Eskdale Ward)

Lorton (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Loweswater (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward )

Lowick (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Lowside Quarter (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Low Winder - see Barton (West Ward)

Lowther (West Ward)

Lupton (Lonsdale Ward)

Lyneside - see Arthuret (Eskdale Ward)


Mallerstang (East Ward)

Mansergh (Lonsdale Ward)

Mansriggs (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Mardale - see Shap (West Ward)

Martindale (West Ward)

Maryport (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Melthwaite - see Irton (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Matterdale (Leath Ward)

Meathop and Ulpha (Kendal Ward)

Melmerby (Leath Ward)

Middlesceugh & Braithwaite (Leath Ward)

Middleton (Lonsdale Ward)

Midgeholme (Eskdale Ward)

Milburn (East Ward)

Milnthorpe (Kendal Ward)

Millom (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Millom Rural (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Mitredale - see Eskdale and Wasdale (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Mockerkin - see Loweswater (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Monk Coniston - see Hawkshead and Monk Coniston with Skelwith

Moorhouse - see Burgh by Sands (Cumberland Ward)

Moresby (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Morland (West Ward)

Mosedale (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Mosser (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Motherby - see Greystoke (Leath Ward)

Muncaster (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Mungrisdale (Leath Ward)

Murton (East Ward)

Musgrave (East Ward)


Nateby (East Ward)

Natland (Kendal Ward)

Nether Denton (Eskdale Ward)

Netherby - see Arthuret (Eskdale Ward)

Netherwasdale (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Newbiggin - see Dacre (Leath Ward)

Newbiggin (East Ward)

Newby - see Irthington (Eskdale Ward)

Newby (West Ward)

New Hutton (Kendal Ward)

Newlands - see Above Derwent (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Newton - see Gosforth (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Newton Arlosh - see Holme East Weaver (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Newton Reigny (Leath Ward)

Newtown - see Irthington (Eskdale Ward)

Nichol Forest (Eskdale Ward)

Nixons - see Bewcastle (Eskdale Ward)

North Scale - see Walney Island (Lancashire)


Old Hutton with Holmscales (Kendal Ward)

Ormside (East Ward)

Orton (East Ward)

Osmotherley (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Oughterby - see Kirkbampton (Cumberland Ward)

Oughterside and Allerby (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Oulton (Cumberland Ward)

Ousby (Leath Ward)


Papcastle (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Parton (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Parton & Micklethwaite - see Thursby (Cumberland Ward)

Patterdale with Hartsop (West Ward)

Patton (Kendal Ward)

Pennington (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Penrith (Leath Ward)

Peterill Crooks - see Hesket in the Forest (Leath Ward)

Plumbland (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Plumpton Street - see Hesket in the Forest (Leath Ward)

Plumpton Wall (Leath Ward)

Ponsonby (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Preston Patrick (Kendal Ward)

Preston Quarter (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Preston Richard (Kendal Ward)


Raisbeck - see Orton (East Ward)

Raughton - see Dalston (Cumberland Ward)

Ravenstonedale (East Ward)

Renwick (Leath Ward)

Ribton (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Rickerby - see Stanwix (Eskdale Ward)

Rockcliffe (Cumberland Ward)

Rosley - see Westward (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Rottington (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Row - see Hoff (East Ward)

Rydal & Loughrigg (Kendal Ward)


Salkeld, Great (Leath Ward)

Salkeld, Little (Leath Ward)

Salter & Eskett (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Sandwith (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Santon - see Irton (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Satterthwaite (Lancashire)

Far and Near Sawrey - see Claife (Lancashire)

Scaleby (Eskdale Ward)

Scalthwaiterigg, Hay & Hutton (Kendal Ward)

Scotby - see Wetheral (Cumberland Ward)

Seascale - see Gosforth (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Seaton (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Sedbergh (West Riding of Yorkshire)

Sebergham (Cumberland Ward)

Sedgwick (Kendal Ward)

Selside and Whitwell (Kendal Ward)

Setmurthy (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Shap (West Ward)

Silloth - see Holme Low (Allerdale Below Ward)

Skelsmergh (Kendal Ward)

Skelton (Leath Ward)

Skelwith - see Hawkshead and Monk Coniston with Skelwith

Skiddaw Forest (Allerdale Below Derwent)

Skirwith (Leath Ward)

Sleagill (West Ward)

Smardale (East Ward)

Sockbridge and Tirril (West Ward)

Solport (Eskdale Ward)

Sosgill - see Loweswater (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Soulby - see Dacre (Leath Ward)

Soulby (East Ward)

St Bees (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

St Cuthbert Without (Cumberland Ward)

St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Staffield (Leath Ward)

Stainburn (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Stainmore (East Ward)

Stainton - see Muncaster (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Stainton - see Dacre (Leath Ward)

Stainton (Kendal Ward)

Stainton - see Urswick (Lancashire)

Stanwix (Eskdale Ward)

Stapleton (Eskdale Ward)

Staveley in Cartmel (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Staveley, Nether (Kendal Ward)

Staveley, Over (Kendal Ward)

Stoneraise - see Westward (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Strickland, Great (West Ward)

Strickland, Little (West Ward)

Strickland Ketel and Roger - see Burneside (Kendal Ward)

Subberthwaite (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Sunderland (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Swindale - see Shap (West Ward)


Tallentire (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Tarraby - see Stanwix (Eskdale Ward)

Tebay (East Ward)

Temple Sowerby (East Ward)

Thornthwaite - see Above Derwent (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Threlkeld (Leath Ward)

Thrimby (West Ward)

Thursby (Cumberland Ward)

Thwaites - see Millom Rural (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Torpenhow and Whitrigg (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Torver (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Trough (Eskdale Ward)

Troutbeck (Kendal Ward)


Uldale (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Ullock, Pardshaw and Deanscales - see Dean (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Ulpha (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Ulverston (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Underbarrow and Bradleyfield (Kendal Ward)

Undermillbeck - see Windermere and Bowness (Kendal Ward)

Underskiddaw (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Unthank - see Skelton (Leath Ward)

Upperby - see St Cuthbert Without (Cumberland Ward)

Upper Denton (Eskdale Ward)

Urswick (Lancashire North of the Sands)


Vickerstown - see Walney Island (Lancashire)


Waberthwaite (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Waitby (East Ward)

Walney Island (Lancashire North of the Sands)

Walton (Eskdale Ward)

Wampool - see Aikton (Cumberland Ward)

Warcop (East Ward)

Warwick (Cumberland Ward)

Wasdale Head - see Eskdale and Wasdale

Waterhead (Eskdale Ward)

Watermillock (Leath Ward)

Waverton (Cumberland Ward)

Weddicar (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Westlinton (Eskdale Ward)

Westnewton (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Westward (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Wetheral (Cumberland Ward)

Wharton (East Ward)

Whicham (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Whinfell (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Whinfell (Kendal Ward)

Whitbeck (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Whitehaven (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Wiggonby - see Aikton (Cumberland Ward)

Wigton (Cumberland Ward)

Wilton - see Haile (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Windermere (Kendal Ward)

Winscales (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Winster - see Windermere (Kendal Ward)

Winton (East Ward)

Witherslack (Kendal Ward)

Woodside - see Westward (Allerdale Below Derwent Ward)

Woodside Quarter (Cumberland Ward)

Woodland - see Kirkby Ireleth (Lancashire)

Workington (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)

Wray - see Claife (Lancashire)

Wreay (Cumberland Ward)

Wythop (Allerdale Above Derwent Ward)


Yanwath & Eamont Bridge (West Ward)

Yarlside - see Barrow in Furness (Lancashire)