RENWICK: an ancient parish in Leath Ward, Cumberland. 

Merged with KIRKOSWALD CP in 1934.

Acreage of administrative unit: 

4299 acres [1740 ha]. Moorland at Middle Moor and Long Moor, totalling 850 acres [350 hectares] was enclosed in 1818; a further 2,525 acres [1,004 ha] of common land on Renwick Fell were enclosed in 1864.


Estimated at 265 in 1687; 201 in 1801, rising to a peak of 375 in 1831; then falling to 174 in 1931 (last census year for which separate figures available).

Land ownership: 

Granted c.1120 to Staveley family; sold c.1290 to Harcla; forfeited on attainder of Sir Andrew Harcla 1323; granted to Robert of Eaglesfield 1328, and by him to his new foundation Queen’s College Oxford in 1341, with whom lordship of the manor remained until 20th century.

Economic activity: 

Coal mining recorded by 1620; continued until c.1865; lime kilns and freestone quarries; corn mill c.1400 – c.1880.

Places of worship: 

Parish church of All Saints, medieval in origin, rebuilt 1737 and 1845/6; Wesleyan chapel 1818, rebuilt 1905.


School at Linghouse (Scalehouses) c.1790-1830; National school 1838; Board/council school 1876, closed 1987.

Additional sources used: 

Muniments of Queen’s College Oxford

Compiled by: Richard Alexander Allport Brockington



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