Oughterside & Allerby


OUGHTERSIDE and ALLERBY:a township in Aspatria parish, Allerdale Below Derwent ward, Cumberland.  

In 1934 139 ac [56 ha] were gained from Aspatria & Brayton CP, and a further 57ac [23 ha] from Hayton & Mealo CP, while smaller acreages were lost to them.

Acreage of administrative unit

2194 ac. [888 ha] before boundary changes; an area of common field, Oughterside Townfield (295 ac [119 ha]), was enclosed in 1776 and Aspatria West Moor (part of which lay in the township) was enclosed in 1825.


269 in 1801 rising to 705 in 1861, reflecting the growth of the mining village of Prospect; then fluctuating around 600 from then on.

Land ownership

Oughterside was held by the Orfeur family before passing to the Lawsons of Brayton and Isel in the 18th century.  Allerby was acquired by Thomas Porter of Bolton (Cumb.) by marriage with the heiress of Thomas Lowther of Allerby, probably in the 15th century.  The manor passed by the widow of their descendant Thomas Porter (living 1578) to the Eaglesfield family, from whom it was bought by the Lamplughs of Dovenby in the late 17th century.

Economic activity

Coal mining recorded by 1681; received a boost by the coming of the railway in the 1840s, but was petering out by 1900. Oughterside Colliery closed 1943 but opencast mining stripped out remaining deposits in the 1970s/80s. Red sandstone quarries in late 19th century.

Places of worship

Primitive Methodist chapel at Prospect 1860; Congregationals met in schoolroom 1851.


Board School at Oughterside, opened 1875, much enlarged and improved 1896.

Additional sources used

Hudleston and Boumphrey, Cumberland Families and Heraldry; Oliver Wood, West Cumberland Coal 1600-1982/3.

Compiled by:  Eric Charles Apperley/AJLW