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OK, so there aren't 100 Interesting Facts here yet, but bear with us, we're getting there!  These Facts have been submitted by our volunteers and friends.  Click on a 'fact' for more Backgound information.  If YOU have a Fact you'd like to share, please Contact Us , giving us references so we can check - as before posting anything, our team of historians have to be sure it REALLY IS a fact, not a myth!

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Siegfried Herford performed the first ascent of the Central Buttress of Scafell in 1914 - a great jump forward in British Rock Climbing

The monks of Cartmel resisted Henry VIII's reformation, and joined the Pilgrimage of Grace - which led to their executions.  

Eleven million tons of iron ore were extracted from a pit called Nigel, Roanhead, near Barrow, between the 1850s and 1942 when it closed