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Here you will find links to various pages and pdfs, and to other websites providing a wide range of sources and resources relevant to the history of Cumbria. This area of the website is used to primarily to locate and 'store' new items posted to the site, and nearly all of these pages will appear elsewhere on the site.  They are in no particular order. As there are over 1300 entries here use the Index to Miscellaneous Resources to locate your item which is then linked to it. 

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Census for Leath Ward

Guidance Note: Education before 1944

Stanwix - Interim Draft Part History -Religious History

Stanwix - Interim Draft Part History -Religious History

St James's Church Whitehaven

Ed & Poor Law

Christ Church History

Christ Church History

Kirkby Lonsdale - Interim Draft Full History

Kirkby Lonsdale - Interim Draft Full History

Kirkby Lonsdale - Landownership

Kirkby Lonsdale - Economic History

Kirkby Lonsdale - Social History

Kirkby Lonsdale - Religious History

Kirkby Lonsdale - Local Government

Parish Magazines

Buttermere Bibliography

Agriculture in Cumberland & Westmorland (1964)

Employment in Cumbria (1965)

Tourist Industry in Cumbria (1965)

Population Facts and Figures (1965)

Bampton Commons Report