Volunteers' Handbook and other Guidance

The VCH Cumbria Volunteers' Handbook is now in its fourth edition. It combines information and sources specific to Cumbria with the national VCH Parish Template.

Access to the Cumbria Archives Catalogue [CASCAT] can be done on this Link

Working Together: Team Guidance Notes

Advice for working as a group.

A Guide to Researching the Clergy

Advice on how to research the clergy since the 18th century by Dr Jane Platt

National VCH Parish History Template (2017)

The national VCH Parish History Template consists of detailed guidance on the content of each chapter within a parish article, the order in which the sub-chapters should be presented and links to key resources.

VCH Cumbria Volunteers' Handbook (2019)

Fourth edition of the VCH Cumbria Volunteers' Handbook, available to download as a pdf.

National Archives Research Guides

The National Archives have produced research guides on many topics. You can search an alphabetical list here: https://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/help-with-your-research/research-guides/