Tools and tutorials

Practical help for anyone who wishes to dig deeper for themselves into the history of their local area, or other aspects of the history of Cumbria. This section contains links to a number of websites (including those below) and pdf documents.

TNA Currency Converter

Regnal Years Converter

TNA Palaeography Tutorial


Briefing Note 2: Locating Your Sources

Where to find sources for the history of your township

Volunteering for VCH Cumbria [X]

How to get involved

Availability of 1851 Religious Census Returns

Places with returns in the National Archives for the 1851 Religious Census

Glossary of Words for Cumbrian Inventories

Glossary of words found in Cumbrian Probate Inventories

Poor Law in Cumbria

Mike Winstanley's introduction to the Poor Law

Superior Lordship Presentation

Presentation on Superior Lordship in Cumbria to VCH Volunteers Nov. 2018

Calculators and Converters

A list of websites to help with regnal years, old currency and Latin

TNA Palaeography Tutorial

The National Archives offers an online tutorial to help you learn to read the handwriting found in documents written in English between 1500 and 1800.

CCHT Website Presentation

CCHT Website Presentation