Miscellaneous Sources and Resources

Here you will find links to various pages and pdfs, and to other websites providing a wide range of sources and resources relevant to the history of Cumbria. This area of the website is used to primarily to locate and 'store' new items posted to the site, and nearly all of these pages will appear elsewhere on the site.  Rather than browse your way through them all (there are over 1000 pages!), use the search engine to find what you are looking for


Cumbria Newspapers List

Census for West Ward (pdf)

Census for West Ward (pdf)

Census for East Ward (pdf.)

Census for Allerdale Below (pdf)

Census for Londsale Ward (pdf)

List of 'Places' for Cumberland

The places fro which VCH histories will be written

List of 'Places' for Westmorland

The places for which VCH Township histories will be written

Census for Eskdale Ward (pdf)

Guide to CASCAT

Draft Article for Mosser

Census for Kendal Ward (pdf)

Census for Cumberland (pdf)

The Dacre Inheritance 1569-1601-survey guide-Richard Brockington

The Dacre Inheritance 1569-1601/The Narrative/Richard Brockington

Mosser Introduction

Mosser Landownership

Mosser Economic

Mosser Social

Mosser Religious

Mosser Local Government