What is CCHT Cookies Policy?

What is CCHT Cookies Policy?

Cookies are small data files that websites generate and ask to store on your computer. Most websites use cookies in one form or another. They are typically used to: • remember settings, so you don’t have to keep re-entering them whenever you visit a new page • remember information you give to a website, such as a list of products in your shopping basket • measure how you use the website so we can make sure it meets your needs To learn more about cookies and how to manage them, visit AboutCookies.org, or please read on to find out more about how we use cookies.

Measuring Website Usage: Google Analytics is in use to collect information about how visitors use this site. This provides us with important information that can enable the site to work better. We do not link this information to your name or address. The following cookies are used by Google Analytics: • _utma ; Randomly generated ID; expires after 2 years • _utmb; Randomly generated ID; expires after 30 minutes • _utmc; Randomly generated ID; expires when you close your web browser • _utmz; Randomly generated ID; expires after 6 months

Understanding your web browser capabilities: We set some cookies to store information about your browser settings, to understand which functionality to enable on the site. The following cookies is used: has_js; typical content: 1 or blank; cookie expires when you close your web browser

Remembering your choices Certain sections of our site remember your choices, so you can be provided with the right information if you visit other pages, and then return. For example, if you filter a list of information we will remember your choice and default to that selection if you visit the page again. These choices are not tied to any personally identifiable information. The following cookies are used: • SESS; randomly generated string; expires up to 24 days

Click here for a full Cookie Audit, carried out on 10 May 2018