Parish in Allerdale below Derwent ward, Cumberland, embracing townships of Brocklebanks & Stoneraise and Rosley & Woodside.


13,230 acres [5,354 ha], around half of which (7,246 acres [2,932 ha]) was formerly common land, enclosed 1822. Township of Brocklebanks and Stoneraise contained 7,425 acres [3,005 ha]; Rosley and Woodside contained 5,805 acres [2,349 ha].


estimated at 610 in 1688; rising from 918 in 1801 to peak of 1,311 in 1841; then steady decline to 718 in 1981; rising again to stand at 814 in 2001.


in Crown hands as part of Inglewood Forest (it was ‘west ward’ of forest) from 12th century until granted 1344 to Anthony de Lucy, uniting it with barony of Allerdale, with which it descended (see Cockermouth).


largely agricultural. Fair at Rosley, held fortnightly from Whitsuntide to Michaelmas for cattle and horses, as well as linen cloth, described as ‘best fair’ in north of England for Irish and Scottish horses and for cattle and sheep 1688; still held mid-19th century but had declined almost to extinction by 1901. Fairs for sheep and wool at Red Dial recorded 1860. Race courses on Harethwaite Common and Woodcock Hill in late 17th century. Several coalmines near Chalkhead recorded 1688; mining had ceased by 1847. Quarrying for red and white freestone at Shawk and Howrigg quarries, said in 19th century to be ‘esteemed the best in Cumberland’.

Places of worship:

early 13th-century hermitage at Isle Kirk, recorded as ‘Hildkirk’ chapel 1374. Chapel called ‘New Kirk’ built in Stoneraise township between 1557 and 1563; had acquired parochial status by 1563; rebuilt as parish church of St Hilda 1785-6. Anglican church of Holy Trinity, Rosley, built 1839-41.

Schools and other institutions:

two schools by 1815, one by churchyard, taught by curate; other at Craggs in Rosley. School adjacent to church rebuilt 1828; closed 1920s and became parish room (village hall). Craggs school closed 1895, having been replaced by Rosley and Woodside School, built 1873 on new site at Carwath near Holy Trinity church; this in turn replaced by modern building opposite church 1961; now Rosley CE Primary School. Rosley Recreation Hall (ex-army hut from Longtown) opened 1926; replaced by new village hall built 1986-8.