Township in Wigton parish, Cumberland ward, Cumberland.


4,163 acres [1,685 ha], including common moorland in eastern part of township enclosed 1817. Lessonhall Meadow and Horse Park enclosed 1874.


rising from 375 in 1801 to peak of 574 in 1861; then declining gently to 326 in 2001.


part of barony of Wigton. Manor of Waverton had been divided into eight parts before 1316; Wyndham family retained manorial rights, as overlords of Wigton barony, in 19th century. Manor of Lessonhall or Little Waverton held by Dalston family by 16th century. Sir George Dalston enfranchised tenants 1747.


predominantly agricultural; brick- and tile-making at Parkgate in mid-19th century.

Places of worship:

Christ Church (Anglican) built 1865.

Schools and other institutions:

schoolmaster recorded 1847. Waverton Board School built 1874; closed and converted to dwelling. Lecture room built in village 1864