Township in Stapleton parish, Eskdale ward, Cumberland. CP enlarged by absorbing Bellbank CP 1934.


4,744 acres [1,920 ha]. Common land at Longrigg Moss, Bolton Fell and Kirkcambeck Common (totalling 1,800 acres [728 ha]) enclosed 1800


rising from 239 in 1801 to 550 in 1841; gradual decline thereafter to 289 in 1931 (last census year before boundary change).


moiety of manor of Stapleton held by Stapleton family by early 14th century; sold by John Stapleton to Thomas Lord Dacre 1525, descending thereafter with barony of Gilsland (see Brampton).


predominantly agricultural; tile works and lime-burning in 19th century.

Places of worship:

medieval parish church of St Mary; rebuilt 1829-31. Wesleyan Methodist chapel at Roweltown; restored 1891.

Schools and other institutions:

school endowed 1778; schoolhouse on common pulled down 1814 and new parish school, Longrigg School, built near church; rebuilt 1871; closed and converted to dwelling. Reading room and library established in parish school late 1850s. Public hall opened 1909.