Township in Kirkland parish, Leath ward, Cumberland. Absorbed into Culgaith CP 1934.


5,249 acres [2,124 ha]; common land on Skirwith Moor (691 acres [280 ha]) enclosed 1858.


189 in 1801, rising (with some fluctuation) to 314 in 1861; slow decline thereafter to 227 in 1931 (last census year for which separate figure available).


manor of Skirwith, part of barony of Adam son of Swein in 12th century; held by Middleton family in 16th century, passing to Huttons who sold it 1606 to Agnes, widow of William Fleming; then descended in Fleming family of Rydal (q.v.) to 20th century. Other estates included manor of Bank, held by Salkeld family until 1399 when passed by marriage to Crackanthorpes who held it until 20th century, and Skirwith Abbey, built by John Orfeur Yates 1768, passing to his son Francis Aglionby (Yates) who sold it 1822 to William Parker, in whose family it descended to late 20th century.


farming. Coal mining (ceased by 1860); quarrying and lime-burning; lead mining on Cross Fell.

Places of worship:

church of St John the Evangelist built 1856. Wesleyan Methodist chapel built 1819; rebuilt 1868; sold 1974 and converted to dwelling.

Schools and other institutions:

school built 1828; rebuilt on new site 1878; closed 1974; used as hostel by Buttershaw School, Bradford, 1976-86. Cottage reading room recorded 1897, with library, recorded 1901. Village hall opened 1929.