Township in Moresby parish, Allerdale above Derwent ward, Cumberland.


parish contained 2,193 acres [887 ha], of which 2,140 acres [866 ha] was in Moresby township and 52 acres [21 ha] in Parton (q.v.). Boundary changes resulted in small area ceded 1900 to Whitehaven MB (q.v.) and further 326 acres [132 ha] 1934. Common land on Moresby Moor (529 acres [214 ha]) enclosed 1763.


371 in 1801 rising to 1,144 in 1891 (last census year before boundary changes). Moresby CP contained 1,280 inhabitants in 2001.


descended through de Moresby family from 12th century to death of Sir Christopher Moresby (d. 1499), when it passed successively to Pickering and Knyvett families, who sold it 1577 to William Fletcher. Descended in Fletcher family (William Fletcher built Moresby Hall c.1670) until sold to Sir John Brougham of Scales 1720, who sold to Sir James Lowther 1737.


farming; coal mining by 17th century, continuing until 1961; open cast mining 1980s. Freestone quarrying in 19th century. Woollen textiles, recorded in name Walk Mill (i.e. fulling mill).

Places of worship:

medieval parish church of St Bridget on site of Roman fort of GABROSENTUM; rebuilt 1822; new chancel 1885. Primitive Methodist chapel at Moresby Parks built 1884; rebuilt on new site 1966; became community church 2011. Mission hall at Moresby Parks demolished 2009. Roman Catholic chapel 1932; closed by 2009.

Schools and other institutions:

Moresby Parks Board School built 1883; now Moresby Primary School. Reading room at Moresby Parks by early 20th century. Rosehill Theatre, founded by Sir Nicholas (Miki) Seker, opened 1959; extended 1988.