Little Salkeld

Township in Addingham parish, Leath ward, Cumberland. Absorbed into Hunsonby CP 1934.


1,149 acres [465 ha]. Common enclosed 1849.


in range 100-130 across most of 19th century, except for surge to 173 in 1871; declined to 91 in 1931 (last census year for which separate figure available).


manor of Little Salkeld granted to Carlisle Priory in 12th century, passing to Dean and Chapter of Carlisle at Dissolution. Little Salkeld Hall, seat of Salkeld family until George Salkeld sold it ‘for a song’ to Col. Thomas Cholmley during Civil War; passed to Charles Smalwood by 1680s in whose family it descended until sold c.1790 to Col. Samuel Lacy, who excavated grotto known as Lacy's Caves on bank of River Eden in late 18th century.


largely agricultural. Gypsum mine and Long Meg plaster works established 1880; closed 1975.

Places of worship:

chapel at Little Salkeld recorded 1282. Barn converted into Anglican chapel in mid-19th century; closed 1970.

Schools and other institutions: