Township in Kirkby Lonsdale parish, Lonsdale ward, Westmorland.


2,985 acres [1,208 ha], including 1,085 acres [439 ha] of common land on Firbank Fell, enclosed 1851.


rising from 190 in 1801 to 233 in 1851; inflated to 345 in 1861 as result of influx of railway builders, then declining to 153 in 1901 and 97 in 2001.


granted c.1201 to William de Arundel; held with Killington (q.v.) from 13th century to later 16th century by Pickering family of Killington. Uptons of Ingmire Hall, Sedbergh, and Cavendish-Bentinck family of Underley, Kirkby Lonsdale, held large estates in township from 19th to mid-20th century.


predominantly farming; small-scale quarrying; tourism from 20th century (caravan site at Waterside).

Places of worship:

chapel of ease recorded 1535; said to have been near Priestfield (on boundary with Killington) until rebuilt on Firbank Fell in 17th century. Chapel used by Separatist group (‘Westmorland Seekers’) in early 1650s; George Fox preached on hillside there 1652 (supposed site now ‘Fox’s Pulpit’). Chapel rebuilt 1742 (dedicated to St Martin); damaged by storms 1839-40 and demolished (graveyard remains). Rebuilt again as church of St John the Evangelist, on less remote site near Under Knotts, 1841.

Schools and other institutions:

school adjoining chapel on fell, recorded 1692; rebuilt on new site at Stocks 1858; closed 1938; building subsequently used as church hall.