Broughton East (in Cartmel)

Township in Cartmel parish, Lonsdale hundred, Lancashire North of the Sands, containing settlements of Wood Broughton, Field Broughton and Aynsome. Hamlets of Grange, Cart Lane and Kents Bank were transferred to Grange-over-Sands CP on its creation 1894. For those areas, see Grange.


3,425 acres [1,386 ha] before boundary changes; 1,905 acres [771 ha] after loss of territory to Grange CP. Common land in township enclosed under Cartmel enclosure award 1809.


353 in 1811 rising to 1,719 in 1891 (reflecting growth of Grange as holiday resort); reduced to 218 in 1901 after creation of Grange CP; falling to 173 in 2001.


contained several small estates: manor of Hampsfield (or Hamsfell) held by family of that name until 14th century. In hands of Thornbugh family by 1521; sold by William Thornburgh to Robert Curwen of Cark; descended with Cark Hall thereafter (see Holker, Lower). Wood Broughton was held by Waleys (or Walles) family from 13th century to 16th; in 17th and 18th centuries it seems to have belonged to Knipe family.


largely agricultural; limestone quarrying and lime-burning in 19th century. Analytical and technical agricultural testing laboratories established at Aynsome 1898; moved to Kents Bank, Grange, 1954.

Places of worship:

chapel of ease of St Peter at Field Broughton built 1731 and consecrated 1745; rebuilt 1892.

Schools and other institutions:

parish rooms at Field Broughton given to community by Hibbert Family 1921.