Allithwaite, Upper

Township in Cartmel parish, Lonsdale hundred, Lancashire North of the Sands, including villages of Lindale and Newton (High and Low). Part of CP transferred to help create Grange CP 1894.


2,675 acres [1,083 ha] before boundary changes; 3,436 acres [1,391 ha] after absorbing numerous formerly detached portions of other townships in Cartmel parish (but also loss of land to Grange CP). Common land enclosed under Cartmel enclosure award 1809.


541 in 1801, rising to 771 by 1821; then remaining stable across remainder of 19th century. After boundary changes, rose from 675 in 1951 to 824 by 2001.


lordship probably descended with Lower Allithwaite (q.v.) in medieval period. Cartmel Priory held lands in Newton. Lindale was separate estate, granted to Knights of St. John of Jerusalem in 12th century; sold by Crown 1611 and purchased 1636 by Robert Rawlinson, descending with Cark Hall (in Lower Holker) thereafter until 1860.


farming; quarrying and lime-burning in 19th century. Seed mill at Lindale in 1912; four car showrooms there from late 20th century.

Places of worship:

chapel of ease in Lindale recorded 1627; rebuilt 1828 as St Paul’s Church; chancel added 1864. Quaker meeting house at Height built 1677; meetings discontinued c.1890, short revival c.1910; sold 1922. Plymouth Brethren had meeting place at Lindale in early 20th century.

Schools and other institutions:

Lindale church school built 1838; enlarged 1894; now Lindale CE Primary School. High Newton school built 1875; closed (building then used as village hall). Lindale Institute built as reading room 1862; sold and converted to housing 2001. Apostolic school, established by Fathers of the Holy Ghost, at Castle Head, during 20th century. Field study centre established at Castle Head in 1980s.