The Last Battle on English Soil? Background

Bickham The British Monarchy Westmorland

On 18 December 1745 what has been described as the last battle on English soil took place when Bonnie Price Charlies troops, retreating from Derby, were contacted by the Duke of Cumberland at Clifton Moor. 12 Jacobites and 10 government troops were killed

George Bickham, a teacher of calligraphy, and publisher of a famous atlas called ‘The British Monarchy’ wrote a brief account of this and a previous skirmish at Kendal, which he called a ‘Fray’ (affray. One man was killed on each side), on the back of his pictorial representation of Westmorland for the atlas.

‘A little Fray happen’d here [Kendal] last Year between ye Rebels, in their Advance Southward, and some of the Inhabitants. 

At Clifton, between Shap in this County & Penrith in Cumberland, the Van guard of the King’s Troops, under his Royal Highness the Duke, came up with the Rebels in their Retreat, & several Lives were lost on both sides.’

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