Heroes of WWI


Of the many thousands who were rewarded for their bravery and heroism in this war, 628 were singled out for the highest award, the Victoria Cross. Of these nine were Cumbrians born and bred, whilst two more, born elsewhere had become residents of Cumbria by the time of the war.

The entries on list below each have a link to the citation for the award and further links to more of the story of that individual.  If you would liketo contribute a biography of any of these heroes, plese contact us via the Contact Us page

Abraham Acton, Whitehaven 1914

James G Smith, Workington 1914

Harry Christian, Pennington 1915

Edward Boyle, Carlisle 1915

William Forshaw, Barrow 1915

Thomas F Mayson, Silecroft 1917

Robert Beatham, Glassonby, 1918

James Hewitson, Coniston 1918

Edward Benn Smith, Maryport 1918

Joseph Collin, Jarrow/Carlisle 1918

Theodore Hardy, Exeter/Hutton Roof 1918