Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

General Data Protection Regulations: Cumbria County History Trust (CCHT)

Data Controller

The Data Controller is Cumbria County History Trust (CCHT). The Treasurer/Membership Secretary and the Website Manager have been identified as handling data for the Data Controller. They are not Data Processors. The Assistant Editor for the Victoria County History of Cumbria project based in the Department of History at Lancaster University holds volunteer data.

Data Collected

Data is collected from Members, who renew their membership annually (or are Life Members), and from Volunteers who need not be members but who work towards the fulfilment of the Trust’s objects. No data collected is likely to result in high risk to the data subject’s interests.

- Name

- Full postal address, including post code

- email address

- telephone number

- whether paid by cash/cheque/BACS/PayPal

Data Conditions

The data listed above are collected to enable CCHT to communicate with its members and volunteers, generally by email (Mailchimp), informing them of forthcoming events and activities, training and supervision where appropriate, and other items of archaeological/historical/heritage interest. No data is passed to third parties. Members who opt to complete a standing order or pay by PayPal do so directly, not via CCHT. Volunteers who are not members do not make payments.

Data Security

Membership and volunteer data is held on spread sheets on a password-protected laptop in the possession of the Treasurer/Membership Secretary. Paper data is not stored: membership joining or renewal forms are shredded once the data has been transferred to the spread sheet. Electronic data is only held for as long as necessary, defined generally as being for the current membership year, and for one year after the last membership renewal was due (Life Member records are held for the member’s life). From time to time members ask for contact details of other members: these are referred to the member concerned and no details released without their permission. For volunteers, the data is held only for as long as their involvement with the Trust is active, and the information held is monitored regularly. In the unlikely event of a data breach which might compromise any individual, financially or otherwise, this would be reported to the Steering Group and to the Information Commissioner’s Office. Volunteer data is stored by the Assistant Editor on the Lancaster University Network, complying with University Policy and Legislation surrounding Information Security.

Right to be Informed/Right to be Forgotten

Members and volunteers may at any time ask by phone, letter or email, to access their data, ask for it to be corrected, and/or for it to be removed from our files. We will comply within 30 days of such requests, after advising the member or volunteer that by so doing they will no longer receive any communications from the Trust.


CCHT uses Mailchimp for its communication with members and volunteers. New members’ names and email addresses are added to the Mailchimp list upon joining. Every email contains a link allowing the member to check what data is held (First name, Surname, email address) and change it is they wish – and a link allowing members to unsubscribe. Members who have failed to renew will be removed one year after their last subscription was due, and their records removed from the list. New volunteers’ names are added to the Mailchimp list when they commence training or drafting work with the Trust, and they have identical rights as members to have their records removed.

Social Media

CCHT uses Twitter (@VCH_Cumbria), but does not have Facebook or other social media accounts.


CCHT’s website is built on a Drupal platform and is managed for us by Hydrant, of Carlisle. This privacy policy/data protection policy is posted to that website. Members of the public can opt in to ‘Follow’ the site, in which case they will be added to the Mailchimp email list. Every email contains a link to ‘unsubscribe’.

This statement and policy will be checked annually by the CCHT Steering Group to ensure it is, and remains, current.

CCHT Steering Committee: 17 April 2018