Township in Wigton parish, Cumberland ward, Cumberland. Combined with Wigton to form Wigton-cum-Woodside CP 1887, which was then re-divided 1894, the new Woodside CP covering rural areas surrounding town of Wigton. CP enlarged by absorbing Oulton CP 1934.


township contained 1,839 acres [744 ha] before boundary changes: reconfiguration of Wigton and Woodside CPs in 1894 increased Woodside’s extent to 3,703 acres [1,499 ha] before absorption of Oulton CP. Common moorland totalling 3,205 acres [1,297 ha] in Wigton, Woodside and Waverton (bulk of it in Woodside Quarter) enclosed 1817.


rapid increase from 238 in 1801 to peak of 750 in 1831, before declining to 589 in 1881 (last census year before boundary changes). Population of largely rural post-1894 CP stood at 359 in 1901 and remained little changed in 1931 (last census year before enlargement).


part of Wigton barony and manor. Dockray said by Thomas Denton to have been separate subsidiary manor, held by Dalston family from c.1540 to 1672.


predominantly agricultural: said in later 17th century to produce abundant corn and hay.

Places of worship:

Quaker meeting house at Tiffinthwaite from 1674; short-lived.

Schools and other institutions:

National school at Rosewain, converted from barn, established 1872; closed. Quaker school established at Highmoor 1815 by Cumberland Quarterly Meeting; moved 1826 to new premises at Brookfield; closed 1984.