Township in Bromfield parish, Allerdale below Derwent ward, Cumberland. United with Allonby as West Newton and Allonby CP, 1866 to 1894.


2,411 acres [976 ha].


in range 300-350 for most of 19th and early 20th centuries (peak of 389 in 1871); then falling to 199 in 1971 before recovering to stand at 247 in 2001.


manor of Newton held by de Newton family from 12th century, passing by descent to Roger Martindale, who married daughter of Thomas de Newton in 14th century. Descended through Martindales to Isabel, daughter and heiress of James Martindale, who married William Musgrave (d. 1596) of Hayton; then through Musgrave family to Eleanor, daughter of Sir Richard Musgrave-Hylton, who married William Jolliffe 1769; remained in hands of Jolliffe family until early 20th century.


largely agricultural; small-scale quarrying; brewing (Yates Brewery established 1986). Wind farm near Warwick Hall established 2014.

Places of worship:

St Matthew’s church (Anglican) built 1857, funded by John Todd, Manchester merchant and native of Westnewton.

Schools and other institutions:

National school established 1848; enlarged 1858; now St Matthew’s CE Primary School. Almshouses (St Matthew’s Cottages) built c.1858. Village hall (formerly reading room) built c.1920.