Township in Kirklinton parish, Eskdale ward, Cumberland.


3,420 acres [1,384 ha]. Commons enclosed 1810.


rising from 519 in 1801 to peak of 623 in 1821; then downward drift to 402 in 1901 and 359 in 2001.


held by Boyvills of Kirklinton barony from 12th century to 15th, passing by marriage of Boyvill heiress to Alexander Highmore of Harby Brow; sold, probably by Francis Highmore (d. 1610), to Blencowe family; later held by earls of Lonsdale.


largely agricultural; brick- and tile-making in 19th century. Ministry of Agriculture Food and Fisheries field research station at Blackford mid-20th century.

Places of worship:

Anglican church of St John the Baptist at Blackford, built 1870.

Schools and other institutions:

endowed parochial school at Blackford, built 1831; enlarged 1882; now Blackford CE Primary School.