Township in St Bees parish, Allerdale above Derwent ward, Cumberland. CP enlarged by absorbing part of Hensingham CP 1934.


1,150 acres [456 ha] before boundary change; enlarged CP contained c.1,760 acres [712 ha] after 1934. Common land on Weddicar Moor (510 acres [206 ha]) enclosed 1809.


in range 50-70 from 1801 to 1934, living in just eight scattered farmsteads. Transfer of Keekle and Padstow area of Hensingham increased population by c.400; it stood at 442 in 2001.


held by Fleming family in early 14th century and by Patrickson family by 1578; sold by William Patrickson 1652; acquired by Sir James Lowther of Whitehaven in 18th century, descending to earls of Lonsdale.


farming; small-scale coal mining (recorded 1688) and quarrying. Oil and paint mill at Weddicar Hall in mid-19th century, run by Randelson and Forster, Whitehaven chemists. Over half surface of original township subject to opencast coal mining in 1980s-90s (subsequently reinstated and planted with trees).

Places of worship:

none (for Keekle Mission, see Hensingham).

Schools and other institutions: