Chapelry and township in Greystoke parish, Leath ward, Cumberland. Absorbed into Matterdale CP 1934.


9,735 acres [3,940 ha], including detached part of Dacre parish (69 acres [28 ha]) at Wreay. Watermillock commons and stinted pasture (4,591 acres [1,858 ha]) enclosed 1835.


rising from 333 in 1801 to 598 in 1851; then drifting down to 448 by 1931 (last census year for which separate figure available).


part of barony of Greystoke (q.v.), with which it descended. Lyulph’s Tower built 1781 by duke of Norfolk as lakeside villa.


farming; fishing with nets (recorded 1472). Pencil manufacture mid-19th century (recorded in name Pencil Mill Beck). Tourism significant from late 18th century: 19th-century villas on lake shore of Ullswater.

Places of worship:

medieval chapel of ease (chaplain recorded early 13th century), known as Old Church, beside Ullswater. Parochial chapel, ‘New Kirk’, built 1558 on higher ground near Priest’s Craggs; rebuilt 1749 and again 1884 (as All Saints church). Wesleyan Methodist chapels at Beauthorn (recorded 1861) and Ulcat Row (founded 1830s; closed c.1940).

Schools and other institutions:

grammar school recorded from 1550s; rebuilt on new site as boys’ elementary school 1860; closed 1954. Girls’ school built 1832; closed 1913. Rev. John Tinkler ran boarding academy 1829. Village hall built 1926.