Ancient parish in Cumberland ward, Cumberland, containing townships of Warwick-on-Eden and Aglionby. Absorbed into Wetheral CP 1934.


1,858 acres [765 ha], divided between townships thus: Warwick: 1,295 acres [524 ha]; Aglionby: 564 acres [228 ha]. Common land at Warwick Moor (535 acres [220 ha]) enclosed 1801.


estimated at 225 in 1688; rising from 287 in 1811 to 373 in 1831, then falling to 269 in 1931 (last census year for which separate figure available).


manor of Warwick held in 12th century by Odard of Corby, whose descendants took surname Warwick. Descended in that family until death of Francis Warwick 1772; then passed by descent to Maddison and Bonner families, successively, until bankruptcy of Robert Bonner (who took surname Warwick) in 1822, when sold to Thomas Parker, who built Warwick Hall 1828 (destroyed by fire 1930); remained in Parker family until c.1900. Bought by Charles Liddell, whose son-in-law R. G. G. J. Elwes rebuilt Warwick Hall 1934. Manor of Aglionby held by Aglionby family, descendants of Agillun (from whom township took its name) from 12th century to c.1900.


predominantly agricultural; salmon fishery in River Eden recorded late 17th century. Carlisle golf course, near Aglionby, opened 1940.

Places of worship:

medieval parish church of St Leonard. Sunday School (built before 1823) converted to Wesleyan Methodist chapel before 1847; now closed.

Schools and other institutions:

school taught in church 1703; schoolroom built on waste before 1814. Two day schools built by Thomas Parker early 19th century. Warwick-on-Eden Memorial Hall built c.1920; still in use as village hall.