Township in Kirkby Stephen parish, East ward, Westmorland. CP enlarged by absorbing Smardale CP 1894.


1,183 acres [479 ha]; Waitby intake (220 acres [89 ha]) enclosed 1852 and Waitby common (500 acres [202 ha]) in 1854.


in range 40-60 across 19th century, rising as result of railway construction to peak of 101 in 1871. Population of enlarged CP declined from 96 in 1901 to 60 by 2001.


manor of Waitby held by de Waitby family c.1200; divided into moieties before 1310, held by Parving and Dacre families in 14th century. Both moieties passed through several families across 15th to 17th centuries. Manor (or part of it) sold by James Lowther to Richard Monkhouse of Winton 1713; held by Wakefield family in later 19th century.


largely agricultural; limestone quarrying and lime-burning in 19th century.

Places of worship:

traces of medieval chapel reported in mid-19th century.

Schools and other institutions:

school built 1680 and endowed by James Highmoor to educate poor children of Waitby and Smardale; rebuilt by subscription 1868; closed c.1910. School building then used as village hall until abandoned in 1950s; later converted to holiday accommodation.