Township in Crosthwaite parish, Allerdale below Derwent ward, Cumberland. Part of CP (Great Crosthwaite) transferred to Keswick UD 1894; this entry treats areas remaining in Underskiddaw CP after that transfer. CP enlarged by absorbing Skiddaw CP 1934.


6,026 acres [2,439 ha] before 1894; 5,747 acres [2,326 ha] after loss of Great Crosthwaite. Commons of Brundholme manor (3,488 acres [1,412 ha]) enclosed 1815.


rose from 338 in 1801, to stand in range 460-520 in mid- and later 19th century (peak of 549 in 1841); reduced to 262 in 1901 after loss of Great Crosthwaite.


manor of Brundholme, part of barony of Allerdale, given 1531 by 6th earl of Northumberland to Henry VIII, who granted it to Thomas Dalston 1543. Held by Tolsons of Bridekirk by 1688, later passing to Hasells of Dalemain; then purchased by Robert Watson, bishop of Llandaff, before 1810.


farming; forestry. Woollen textiles: fulling mills for ‘Skiddaw grey’ cloth by 17th century; woollen mill complex at Millbeck, owned by Dover family, developed from c.1760; closed 1894. Woollen mill at Applethwaite in mid-19th century.

Places of worship:

church room built by Daniel Dover of Millbeck 1829; chancel added 1837; still in use. For Crosthwaite parish church and other places of worship, see Keswick.

Schools and other institutions:

school built at Scalebeck 1875; closed c.1920. Reading room and library built at Millbeck 1896; now village hall. For other schools and institutions, see Keswick.