Township in Morland parish, West ward, Westmorland.


1,574 acres [637 ha]. Act to enclose commons passed 1830.


in range 50-80 across 19th and earlier 20th centuries (peak of 87 in 1861), then declining to 30 by 2001.


held by Thrimby family in 13th century, passing to Harringtons in later 14th century, and, by later 17th century, to Lowther family, who emparked much of township.


predominantly agricultural; some lime-burning in 19th century; afforestation by Lowther Estates in 20th.

Places of worship:

chapel of ease; in state of dilapidation by 1681 when it was rebuilt; demolished 1814, on enlargement of Lowther Park, and replaced by new chapel at Little Strickland (q.v.).

Schools and other institutions:

curate endowed to teach in chapel 1684. Separate school room built before 1777; demolished c.1814 and replaced by school at Little Strickland.