Township in Bridekirk parish, Allerdale below Derwent ward, Cumberland. Absorbed into Bridekirk CP 1934.


1,992 acres [806 ha]. Tallentire Common enclosed by private agreement 1811.


n range 200-250 for most of 19th and early 20th century (peak of 250 in 1851), but had fallen back to 184 by 1931 (last census year for which separate figure available).


manor of Tallentire said to have been granted to Odard son of Lyulph in 12th century; in hands of John Radcliffe, lord of Castlerigg and Derwentwater, in 1578. Bought by George Fletcher (d. 1637), son of Lancelot Fletcher of Cockermouth, and descended in Fletcher family, passing by marriage of Anne Fletcher (d. 1721) to Matthias Partis, a Newcastle tobacco merchant. Sold 1776, after death of Henry Fletcher Partis, to William Browne, descending in that family (who enlarged Tallentire Hall 1863) until death of William Browne (d. 1894).


largely agricultural; limestone quarries and lime-burning in 19th century. Wind farm built 2012-13.

Places of worship:

Congregational chapel, built 1876; closed and converted to dwelling house

Schools and other institutions:

school built by William Browne 1863; closed during Second World War, when it was used as hostel for Land Army.