Staveley, Nether

Township in Kendal parish, Kendal ward, Westmorland. CP merged with Over Staveley and Hugill CPs 2004.


2,563 acres [1,037 ha]. Common enclosed under Act of 1816.


rising from 131 in 1801 to 299 by 1851 and 399 by 1901. Opening of railway station 1847 led to expansion of Staveley village into township, with major growth mid-20th century: population grew from 387 in 1931 to 677 by 2001.


see Over Staveley.


predominantly agricultural; coppice woodland. Expansion of Staveley village in 20th century included commercial development.

Places of worship:

Roman Catholic church of Sacred Heart opened 1957.

Schools and other institutions:

Temperance Hall opened 1887 (now converted to dwelling).