Township in Workington parish, Allerdale above Derwent ward, Cumberland. CP abolished 1934, part being added to Workington MB; part to Winscales CP.


1,228 acres [497 ha]. Stainburn townfields enclosed by private agreement 1794. Stainburn Common (900 acres [364 ha]) enclosed 1814.


in range 140-150 across early 19th century; then rising to 256 by 1881 and to 270 in 1911 (last census year for which separate figure available).


manor of Stainburn granted by Waldeof, lord of Allerdale and honour of Cockermouth, to St Bees Priory on its foundation c.1125. After Dissolution came into hands of Curwens of Workington; later held by Lowther family.


salmon fishery on River Derwent, with fish coops at Stainburn Pool by 1278; continuing to 20th century. Coal mining by later 17th century. Tannery at Sunnyside, probably by 1829; closed mid-20th century (still in operation 1929). Market gardening recorded 1920s.

Places of worship:

medieval chapel (oratory of St Bees Priory) recorded 1406 (location perhaps recorded in name Chapel Close).

Schools and other institutions:

Board school (mixed) built 1883; closed mid-20th century.