Township in Stapleton parish, Eskdale ward, Cumberland. CP enlarged by absorbing Trough CP 1934.


3,237 acres [1,310 ha] before enlargement. Common land at Bableton Bogs and Nethershawhead (470 customary acres [c.750 statute acres; 300 ha]) enclosed 1760; Shawhill and Blackbush Rigg commons enclosed 1761.


259 in 1801, rising to peak of 360 in 1821; declined thereafter, falling to 152 by 1931 (last census year before boundary change).


manor of Solport appears to have been held with Stapleton by Tilliol family until passing by marriage in early 15th century to Colvilles and from them to Musgraves of Hayton. Sir Edward Musgrave sold it in 17th century to Grahams of Netherby, in which family it descended.


largely agricultural; limestone quarrying and lime-burning; tile-making; coal mine at Hagg Beck in mid-19th century.

Places of worship:

place-names Chapel Brow/Well said to record site of early chapel. Quaker meeting house at Thorney Land built 1698; rebuilt 1773; closed 1870 but occasional use until 1926 (used by Wesleyan Methodists c.1890). United Presbyterian church at Holywell built 1837; restored 1882; now disused.

Schools and other institutions:

‘old school room’ at Shank Hill, recorded 1860 when about to be rebuilt; rebuilt 1879; enlarged 1960s, 1970s and 2007; now Shankhill CE Primary School.