Township in Kirkby Stephen parish, East ward, Westmorland. Absorbed into Waitby CP 1895.


1,664 acres [673 ha], including 643 acres [260 ha] of common land on Smardale Fell, enclosed 1849.


in range 35-55 across 19th century, standing at 36 in 1891 (last census year for which separate figure available). Numbers swelled to 180 in 1871 by railway navvy ‘shanty town’ during railway construction.


purchased from Helbeck family by Smardales in 1292; passed by marriage to Warcops c.1385 and, after 1580, to Dalston family of Dalston, who built (or rebuilt) Smardale Hall. W. H. Wakefield was lord of manor 1885.


farming; sandstone quarries and extensive limestone quarrying and lime-burning in mid-19th century.

Places of worship:

Chapel Well (spring) said to be site of early chapel.

Schools and other institutions: