Township in Morland parish, West ward, Westmorland.


1,390 acres [563 ha], including c.600 acres [243 ha] of common land enclosed 1813.


in range 120-150 for most of 19th century (peak of 184 in 1831); then drifted down across 20th century (low point of 81 in 1971) to stand at 100 in 2001.


part of manor of Newby (q.v.) in 14th century; held by de Sleagill family in 13th century. Later descent uncertain.


predominantly agricultural. Quarrying and lime-burning in 19th century.

Places of worship:

Methodist church built 1954; in use.

Schools and other institutions:

school recorded 1818. Endowed school for boys and girls built 1858; closed c.1974 and converted to dwelling. School for girls and infants recorded 1860.