Selside & Whitwell

Township in Kendal parish, Kendal ward, Westmorland.


3,388 acres [1,371 ha]. Whiteside Common (642 acres [260 ha]) enclosed 1829.


rising from 192 in 1801 to peak of 335 in 1841, then declining to 202 by 1891; in range 170-200 across 20th century; stood at 198 in 2001.


manor of Selside held by Thornburgh family by 14th century; Whitwell held by Bellingham family. Two manors united in 16th century by marriage of Thomasin Bellingham (d. 1582) to Sir William Thornburgh (d. 1552). Descended in Thornburgh family, but sold off in parts early 17th century. Selside Hall passed on death of Francis Thornburgh (d. 1769) to his sister Mary, wife of Ralph Riddell, in which family it remained until 2007.


predominantly agricultural. Coaching inn (Plough Inn) on main Kendal-Shap road (A6); closed 2011.

Places of worship:

chapel at Selside Hall may have served community; rebuilt at distance from Hall (as Thornburghs were recusants) 1707; rebuilt again as St Thomas’ church 1838; restored 1894.

Schools and other institutions:

schoolmaster licensed 1691 and curate taught school 1695 but no endowment. School endowed by John Kitchen 1730; rebuilt by subscription 1793, and again 1837; rebuilt after fire 1897; now Selside Endowed CE Primary School. Village hall (Selside Memorial Hall) built c.1950