Township in Hawkshead parish, Lonsdale Hundred, Lancashire North of the Sands.


7,322 acres [2,963 ha], divided into four sections: Satterthwaite (2,051 acres [830 ha]), Dale Park (1,113 acres [450 ha]), Graythwaite (1,648 acres [667 ha]) and Grizedale (2,510 acres [1,016 ha]).


rising from 274 in 1801 to 452 in late 19th century (increase of 96 between 1821 and 1831 attributed to establishment of two bobbin mills) then falling to 214 by 1931; slight increase by later 20th century to stand at 257 in 2001.


part of Furness Fells granted to Furness Abbey in 12th century. After Dissolution, manor of Satterthwaite was included in sale of lands 1614. Grizedale estate held by Rawlinson family in 16th and 17th centuries; then Irtons, who sold it to Rev. Thomas Bowman, whose son held it 1850. Montague Ainslie, built New Hall, Grizedale, 1836; estate sold to Harold Brocklebank 1903 and purchased by Forestry Commission 1937. Graythwaite: Sandys family owned Graythwaite Hall with some interruptions from c.1555 to early 20th century. Low Hall held by Sawrey family in 16th century, passing by marriage to Rawlinsons in whose hands it remained in 1914, though most of land had been purchased by Colonel Sandys.


woodland industries important from medieval times, producing charcoal for smelting iron. Bloomery sites thought to be medieval; bloom-smithy in operation 1564. Force Forge (bloomery-forge) opened pre-1680. Cunsey Furnace, charcoal-fired blast furnace, built 1711; sold 1750 and ceased working about then. Bobbin mills at Force Forge and Force Mill established between 1821 and 1831; one converted into electricity works by 1914. Afforestation: Montague Ainslie of Grizedale Hall planted c.1,200 acres [c.500 ha] with larch; Forestry Commission plantations on 8,000 acres [3,238 ha] purchased 1937, initially solely for timber production but from 1960s encouraging public access. Grizedale Vistor Centre and cafe, way-marked walks and sculpture since 1977; also mountain biking and Go Ape aerial assault course (opened 2003).

Places of worship:

chapel of ease at Satterthwaite since late 16th century; rebuilt c.1675 and again 1754; replaced by All Saints church, built 1837. Chapel at Graythwaite disused long before 1722.

Schools and other institutions:

school at Satterthwaite recorded 1848; replaced by new school at Bowkerstead c.1849 to serve both Satterthwaite and Rusland; closed 2006. Parish room at Satterthwaite built 1883; reading room added 1900; now village hall. Theatre in the Forest at Grizedale opened 1970; closed 1999.