Township in St Bees parish, Allerdale above Derwent ward, Cumberland. CP abolished 1934 and divided between Whitehaven MB and Rottington CP.


1,400 acres [567 ha].


rose from 180 in 1801 to stand in range 300-350 for most of 19th and early 20th centuries (peak of 422 in 1881); 332 in 1931 (last census year for which separate figure available).


held by St Bees Priory until Dissolution; granted c.1560 to Sir Thomas Chaloner (d. 1565); reverted again to Crown; granted to St Bees School 1604


agriculture; sandstone quarrying. Gypsum mine and alabaster quarry in cliffs at Barrowmouth by 1860s; expansion of anhydrite mining for Marchon Chemical Works (see Whitehaven) from 1955 to c.1987.

Places of worship:

Anglican mission from St Bees: services held in school room from before 1847 until 1972.

Schools and other institutions:

school built 1804; closed 1972. Lighthouse at St Bees Head since 1718 (coal-burning); rebuilt after fire 1822 and again 1865; automated 1987: formed a self-contained community when manned.