Preston Richard

Township in Heversham parish, Kendal ward, Westmorland, including village of Endmoor.


2,134 acres [864 ha].


rising from 296 in 1801 to 718 in 1891; then declining in early 20th century to 605 by 1911; rising again (as result of housing development at Endmoor and Gatebeck) to stand at 1,307 in 2001.


manor of Preston Richard held by Preston family (several generations of whom bore name Richard) from 13th century, passing by marriage of Margaret, daughter of Richard Preston (d. c.1390) and Alan Pennington of Muncaster, to Penningtons. By 17th century manor (or a moiety of it) was held by Prestons of Holkers who had inherited from Bensons of Hugill. George Preston sold it to Sir John Lowther c.1650.


farming; lime-burning; flax-spinning at Crooklands Mill in early 19th century; had become bobbin mill by mid-19th century.

Places of worship:


Schools and other institutions:

school built at Endmoor 1862; replaced by new school on new site 1991; now St Patrick’s CE Primary School. Working men’s institute at Endmoor in 1890s, containing ‘well stocked library and reading room’. Endmoor village hall built c.1984.