Plumpton Wall

Township in Lazonby parish, Leath Ward, Cumberland. Absorbed into Hesket CP 1934.


3,052 acres [1,220 ha]; commons enclosed under Inglewood Forest enclosure award 1819.


rising across early 19th century from 206 in 1801 to lie in range 300-320 across later 19th and early 20th century (peak of 345 in 1881); stood at 320 in 1931 (last census year for which separate figure available).


Plumpton park was royal demesne, part of Inglewood Forest. Disparked by Henry VIII; leased to Musgraves in later 16th century; then to earl of Annandale 1622; sold to Lowther family 1653.



Places of worship:

chapel of ease of St John at Salkeld Gate built 1767; replaced by present building 1907-8. Methodist chapel at Brockley Moor, bought from Presbyterians 1888; closed.

Schools and other institutions:

endowed school at Salkeld Gate, built 1759; rebuilt 1898; remodelled and extended 1976; now Plumpton Primary School. Institute near Salkeld Gate in early 20th century.