Parton (shown here as Yarton)

Coastal settlement in Moresby parish, Allerdale above Derwent ward, Cumberland, which became separate administrative township c.1726.


53 acres [21 ha]. Population: rising from 360 in 1801 to 858 in 1871, then steeply to peak of 1,479 in 1881, after which it fell back slowly to 1,395 in 1951, continuing to fall to 924 in 2001.


See Moresby.


Fishing and harbour by 1680s (Thomas Denton considered Parton ‘as fit for a harbour as Whitehaven and safer rideing at anchor’) but coal trade ceased after pier was washed away 1795. Brewing and tanning from 1750s to 19th century. Lowca iron works (see Harrington) also provided employment from early 19th century.

Places of worship:

United Free Methodist chapel built 1863; rebuilt 1896; closed 2006. Independent chapel built 1861; closed c.1954.

Schools and other institutions:

School for boys built and endowed by Joseph Williamson 1818. School of Industry for girls and infants, established by Mary Robinson, built 1837 and enlarged 1893; now St Bridget’s CE Primary School. Former endowed school converted for use as village hall c.1984.