Old Hutton with Holmescales

Township in Kendal ward, Westmorland, comprising Old Hutton in Kendal parish and Holmescales in Burton-in-Kendal parish.


3,976 acres [1,609 ha] including 1,274 acres [516 ha] of common land, enclosed 1848.


rising from 368 in 1801 to peak of 488 in 1841; then falling to 258 in 1961 before rising again to stand at 357 in 2001.


held by Curwen family of Workington in 13th and early 14th centuries and by Pickering family of Killington in 15th and 16th centuries.


largely agricultural; small-scale quarrying at Holmscales. Tanning suggested by place-name Barkhouse Beck. Fulling mill recorded 1621. Mill at Bridgend used water power for threshing, winnowing, grinding and boring gun barrels in late 17th century (recorded by Thomas Machell). Bobbin mill and woollen worsted mill there in mid-19th century and Italian flax manufactory in 1885. Bobbin mill at Holmscales mid-19th century. Wind farm in operation from 2013.

Places of worship:

chapel of ease described as newly built 1470; rebuilt 1628. Rebuilt again 1699 and again as church of St John the Baptist 1873. Methodist chapel at Bridge End mill from c.1870 to 1902.

Schools and other institutions:

grammar school founded and endowed by Edward Milner 1613; rebuilt 1753 and again 1874; extended 1902, 1966 and 1976; now Old Hutton CE Primary School. Public hall built 1914.