Township in Morland parish, West ward, Westmorland.


2,986 acres [1,208 ha], including 1,239 acres [501 ha] of commons, enclosed 1820.


ranging from 234 to 338 in 19th century; declined to range 131 to 189 across 20th century; stood at 164 in 2001.


manor of Newby or Newby Stones passed from de Newby family to Vernons (by earlier 16th century) and by 1558 to Nevinsons; acquired by Lowthers 1722.


predominantly agricultural: noted in later 17th century for ‘excellent corn growing in plenty, wheat especially’ (Thomas Denton). Limestone abundant and coal seam worked for lime-burning in 19th century.

Places of worship:

Wesleyan Methodist chapel built 1853; Primitive Methodist chapel built 1874; both closed and converted to dwellings.

Schools and other institutions: