Ancient parish in East ward, Westmorland.


1,196 acres [484 ha], including 728 acres [294 ha] of commons on Newbiggin High and Low Moor, enclosed 1850.


n range 110-140 across most of 19th and 20th centuries (peak 152 in 1821); declined across 20th century to stand at 96 in 2001.


manor of Newbiggin granted mid-12th century to Robert, steward of Appleby, later called ‘de Newbiggin’; passed by marriage c.1332 to Crackanthorpe family, through which it descended until sold by D. R. F. Crackanthorpe to Church Commissioners 1956. Christopher Crackanthorpe rebuilt Newbiggin Hall 1533 (further rebuilt and extended in 19th century).


largely agricultural; poultry breeding (19th century); market gardening (20th century). Sandstone quarrying in 19th century.

Places of worship:

parish probably carved out of Kirkby Thore. Medieval parish church of St Edmund; north chapel built 16th century; remainder rebuilt 1853-4. Wesleyan Methodist chapel built 1880; closed and converted to dwelling.

Schools and other institutions:

parish school built 1882 by lord of manor; closed. Reading room attached to school; now used as community hall.