CP in East ward, Westmorland, created 1894 by union of ancient parish of Great Musgrave and township of Little Musgrave in Crosby Garrett parish.


Great Musgrave ancient parish contained 3,190 acres [1,291 ha]; Little Musgrave township, 1,208 acres [489 ha]. Commons in Great Musgrave (1,382 acres [559 ha]) enclosed 1859; Little Musgrave Intake (94 acres [38 ha]) and Little Musgrave common (378 acres [153 ha]) enclosed 1853.


Great Musgrave’s population fairly stable, in range 160-190 across 19th century; Little Musgrave’s population fell from peak of 80 in 1821 to 52 by 1891. Population of Musgrave CP stood at 240 in 1901; then declined across 20th century to low point of 128 in 1991 before rising to 152 in 2001.


manors of Great Musgrave and Little Musgrave held by Musgrave family from 12th century to 20th.


predominantly agricultural.

Places of worship:

medieval parish church of St Theobold (Great Musgrave); rebuilt 1844-6. Wesleyan Methodist chapel at Great Musgrave built 1895; now demolished.

Schools and other institutions:

Great Musgrave endowed school (on common near Langrigg) established before 1778; rebuilt after new endowment by Rev. Septimus Collinson, provost of Queen’s College, Oxford, 1828; closed late 20th century. Musgrave parish institute built 1920s.