Chapelry and township in Kirkby Lonsdale parish, Lonsdale ward, Westmorland.


7,276 acres [2,945 ha], including 3,606 acres [1,459 ha] of unenclosed hill commons on Middleton Fell.


288 in 1695; in range 250-300 for most of 19th century (temporary surge to 366 in 1861 due to railway construction); declining across 20th century to stand at 109 in 2001.


manor of Middleton exchanged mid-12th century by Gospatric son of Orm with William de Lancaster for Workington and Lamplugh. Held by Middleton family from 14th century for many generations; John Middleton enfranchised tenants in early 17th century.


predominantly agricultural.

Places of worship:

chapel of ease recorded 1633; rebuilt 1634 and made parochial 1671. Rebuilt 1813 and again 1878-9; present church dedicated to Holy Ghost.

Schools and other institutions:

school taught in chapel 1633; endowment made 1670. Schoolhouse on south side of chapel built by 1829; replaced by new school 1899; closed 1952 and converted to dwelling. Hut for Women’s Institute built near school 1921; derelict from 1980s; demolished c.2000.