Middlesceugh & Braithwaite

Township, mostly consisting of a detached portion of Carlisle St Mary’s parish, Leath ward, Cumberland. Absorbed into Skelton CP 1934.


2,092 acres [847 ha], of which Middlesceugh and High Braithwaite (1,757 acres [711 ha]) formed detached portion of St Mary’s parish, Carlisle, while Low Braithwaite lay in Hesket parish. Common land (338 acres [137 ha]) enclosed 1819.


in range 175-200 in first half of 19th century (peak 221 in 1821), then downward drift to 143 in 1931 (last census year for which separate figure available).


manor of Middlesceugh purchased from Allonby family by Sir Richard Fletcher (d. 1637) and descended thereafter with Hutton-in-the Forest (q.v.).


predominantly agricultural; quarry at Middlesceugh in mid-19th century.

Places of worship:

none. Inhabitants said to baptise, marry and bury at Sebergham in 17th century, but attended Ivegill chapel and buried their dead at Hesket-in-the-Forest in 19th.

Schools and other institutions: