Chapelry and township in Greystoke parish, Leath ward, Cumberland. CP enlarged by absorbing Watermillock CP 1934.


7,288 acres [2,949 ha], including extensive areas of unenclosed fell grazings on Matterdale Common (2,605 acres [1,054 ha]), regulated 1882 under Commons Act 1976, when a further 2,500 acres [1,012 ha] of mossland and stinted pastures were enclosed.


297 in 1801 rising steadily to 426 by 1871, then gradual decline to 229 by 1931 (last census year before boundary change).


part of barony of Greystoke (q.v.).


predominantly hill farming; some quarrying and mining in 19th century; tourism from later 20th century.

Places of worship:

chapel of ease, licensed as parochial chapel 1573; probably rebuilt c.1685; thatched until 1848 when tower added.

Schools and other institutions:

school built 1716 and endowed by Rev. Robert Grisdale 1722; replaced by new larger building on adjacent site 1907; closed; both buildings used for community purposes.