Chapelry and township in Kirkby Stephen parish, East ward, Westmorland.


8,380 acres [3,391 ha], consisting largely of unenclosed fell commons totalling 6,444 acres [2,608 ha].


in range 200-250 for most of 19th and early 20th centuries (temporarily inflated to 585 in 1871 by influx of workers constructing Settle-Carlisle railway); declined across later 20th century to stand at 87 in 2001.


Mallerstang chase was hunting forest of barons of Westmorland and descended with barony (see Appleby). Pendragon Castle, guarding the valley, built by barons probably in 12th century; restored by Lady Anne Clifford 1660; dismantled 1685.


pastoral farming (11 vaccaries in early 14th century); mining (lead, copper, tin, coal) in mid-19th century (had ceased by 1885); limestone quarrying and lime-burning; sandstone quarrying.

Places of worship:

chapel of ease at Outhgill (modern dedication St Mary); rebuilt by Lady Anne Clifford 1663; thatched until restoration 1768. Wesleyan Methodist chapel, also at Outhwaite, built 1878; closed late 20th century.

Schools and other institutions:

school at west end of chapel from 17th century (charitable endowment by Lady Anne Clifford); schoolroom built adjacent to chapel 1826; replaced by Board school in Outhwaite 1877; closed c.1969 and later used briefly as village hall; then sold. Village hall and reading room, the Travers Institute (named after Travers McIntire (d. 1920), vicar), built c.1920; closed 1970s; later demolished.